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Ravi Zacharias
President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
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"But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence...1 Pet. 3:15 "

Ravi Zacharias's Background
Ravi Zacharias's Ministry
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Ravi Zacharias's Background

Ravi Zacharias was born in India in 1946 and immigrated to Canada with his family twenty years later. While pursuing a career in business management, his interest in theology grew; subsequently, he pursued this study during his undergraduate education. He received his Masters of Divinity from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. Well-versed in the disciplines of comparative religions, cults, and philosophy, he held the chair of Evangelism and Contemporary Thought at Alliance Theological Seminary for three and a half years. Mr. Zacharias has been honored by the conferring of a Doctor of Divinity degree both from Houghton College, NY, and from Tyndale College and Seminary, Toronto, and a Doctor of Laws degree from Asbury College in Kentucky. He is presently Visiting Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University in Oxford, England.

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Ravi Zacharias's Ministry

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

“Let My People Think”
This weekly radio program is aired on more on almost 1700 outlets worldwide

“Just Thinking”
Zacharias' weekday program is aired on almost 400 outlets.

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Ravi Zacharias's Resources

Awarded the Gold Medallion for best book in the category of doctrine and theology

The Real Face of Athiesm

More Books by Ravi Zacharias

Light in the Shadow of Jihad

Jesus Among Other Gods

The Grand Weaver

Beyond Opinion

A Response to the New Atheists

New Birth or Rebirth

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Additional Information about Ravi Zacharias

Christian Apologist Says Social Media Like the Tower of Babel

Apr. 3, 2013 - In a video presentation Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias addressed the question, "Isn't Facebook bad?" He likened the phenomenon to the earlier technologies of the printed page and photography. Methods of communication are not intrinsically evil. It depends on how they are used. Admittedly, social media is making a huge difference in the world - fomenting revolutions and making "corruption" the greatest problem facing humanity now. It threatens to be the Tower of Babel for our generation.

Zacharias encourages young people to use this "incredible opportunity to be a witness because of the capacities that are now invested in you." He reminded them that Jesus said His disciples would do even greater things.

"Become a peace builder, a bridge builder, not a destroyer, and the way you do that is through friendships and relationships, and through authentic character."
Source: Christian Post
Video: Dr. Ravi Zacharias: Christianity and Facebook - Church Leaders

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